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How do bankers trade forex? Part 1: How the bankers prepare?

Up Next: How do bankers trade forex? Part 2: Capital Management

Tap into 28 Years of experience in the Forex Market and find out how the bankers trader forex. How the bankers prepare, mind set, daily routine, focus & all the little components that make them tick. Believe me, Hollywood has a lot to answer for, although a lot of the shenanigans you may have seen on the ‘Wolf of Wall Street’ were pretty close to the money!
Don’t get me wrong, the traders have a hell of a lot of fun but when the market is ‘on’ they are extremely focused!

This is going to open your eyes to the small part of the market that controls the majority of the volume in the market. Now once you understand how the bankers do trade Forex, okay you’re going to be a step ahead of the market and, this is the most important thing.

You’ll be trading with the market, not against it. All right now what we’re talking about with the bankers now, I’ve got a whole range of things here that if I want to sort of discuss and go through but let me just sort of a start back from the very beginning. Now I’ve read and become quite frustrated frankly with the number of people out there who are speaking “I’ll show you how the bankers trade Forex” now at best its second or third or fourth hand information. Now the banking community is very small and I’ve had a good look around the place and there’s so many people claiming “I’ll show you how the bankers trade” and it is extremely frustrating to someone that has come through the banking industry with 20 years of experience.

So let me just put my sort of touch on it and this is first-hand knowledge, not sort of something that I read. Not something that I’ve heard from someone else tell me, or anything else for that matter. Alright so the bankers, now what are they doing different to you as a retail trader? Well there’s probably a lot of things right, one thing overall, and this is what you’ll get out of this five-part series is the simplicity of their trading systems, their methodology is extremely simple. Clear technicals, straight up fundamental drivers and really precise execution. Now I’ll go into detail as we go through this series but just focusing on the mindset of the Banker Trader first and foremost. Now what they do that’s different?

Well let me just come back to where they actually start, now I started as a graduate straight out of University with Citibank in Sydney and basically the structure of what you do the first year or two, you are basically learning, you’re learning about the markets, you’re learning about the currencies, the time zones, which currencies correlate and why they correlate and then starting to build some structure around the fundamental drivers in the market but they spend a lot of time drilling into the young guys, okay, all about the various aspects, the minute details of the currencies and this is one area first and foremost that most retail traders overlook.

You know I’ve spoken to a lot of people and over the last eight years in training thousands of people, I know firsthand what they do. They turn on their screens they look at the currencies and they start trading. Now that is different to what the bankers would do in the first place, they will spend a lot of time making sure that you know, what drives the Euro what the Euro crosses are connected to, and which ones move on various announcements and those sorts of things. So it’s the minute detail that makes the difference, that’s the foundations for your whole knowledge so make sure when you are starting, that you do spend a lot of time and I was going to say enough time, but a lot of time making sure that you’re having very thorough understanding of the currencies, the markets, why the why the prices move and how to trade those price movements and then you’ll be prepared for the next step..

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